At Helexia a lot was accomplished, and a new year has begun. For the occasion, we wanted to highlight a few achievements that were made.

We couldn’t fit all of them so here are the top 10 highlights of 2022!


Helexia Portugal acquires Ewen

The contract was concluded last January between Luis Pinho Country Director of Helexia Portugal/ Countries & Business Development Coordinator and the partners of Ewen, in the offices of legal experts PLMJ, which advised on the acquisition.

Ewen Energy founded in 2004, with a presence in Portugal and activities in other geographies, is a company dedicated to energy services, being a reference in the area of efficiency and energy management. The company’s core business is focused on the business sector, with an emphasis on the industry (including large buildings). Ewen performs detailed analyses of the manufacturing process, identifying, proposing, and implementing the best energy efficiency measures.

Helexia and Ewen thus offer, together, Energy Services of class and irrefutable competence, responding to the best standards of energy, technical and financial, thus being prepared for the challenges of each Client regardless of their complexity or size.


Helexia France acquires Cap Sud

On Friday, April 1, 2022, Helexia France acquired Cap Sud to help accelerate its growth in the French market.

Founded in 2006, Cap Sud specializes in the development, construction and operation of photovoltaic power plants on the roofs of agricultural buildings, whose energy is injected into the grid. Cap Sud operated 344 agricultural photovoltaic roofs representing a total of approximately 35 megawatts.

This new partnership between Helexia France and Cap Sud will enable Helexia to diversify its range of activities in the photovoltaic sector by drawing on Cap Sud’s expertise in the agricultural sector. Helexia will thus be able to offer its clients a greater range of services and thereby respond fully to public policy priorities in favour of local and low-carbon electricity production.


Helexia Spain signs 9 projects with Alcampo and adds 9 MWp to its project portfolio

Alcampo has partnered with solar energy company Helexia to increase its photovoltaic footprint, as it seeks to achieve carbon neutrality by 2043.

Solar installations will be implemented in nine stores in 2023, through the installation of photovoltaic panels on store rooftops and parking shelters.

The plants will have a capacity of 9,130 kWp in total, which will produce 13,3GWh annually and lead to a reduction of 3,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year.


Helexia launches its activities in the Romanian market and appoints Daniela Vladica as Country Director

The energy transition is today a priority for all European companies faced with energy scarcity and rising costs. Helexia supports companies in achieving their energy transition by enabling them to reduce their energy consumption and produce their own decarbonized energy on-site.

This year Helexia continued its international development by extending its activities to a new geographic location: Romania. The group appointed Daniela Vladica as Country Director who is in charge of Helexia’s services development and the operational deployment of all photovoltaic and energy efficiency projects.


Helexia signs 15 MW of commercial contracts to supply new customers with green energy in Brazil

Helexia announced this year the signature of three new contracts in Brazil totaling 14.7 megawatts to supply TIM (8.5 megawatts), Vibra Energia (4.0 megawatts) and Raia Drogasil (2.2 megawatts) with solar power.

The contracts provide a solar power supply of approximately 1,000 clients’ consumption sites located in the Brazilian states of Rondônia, Rio Grande do Norte, São Paulo, and Mato Grosso do Sul.

Together with the 87-megawatt contract with Telefonica / Vivo signed in 2020-21, Helexia now owns a portfolio of 101.7 megawatts of solar projects under construction in Brazil.


Helexia supports Auchan Retail in the installation of photovoltaic rooftops in Hungary

Helexia is responsible for the development, construction, financing, and commissioning of solar power plants on the rooftops of 20 Auchan Retail stores in Hungary. This self-consumption project involves 20 locations throughout Hungary.

The solar panels of the first three stores have been installed. The remaining 17 sites will be built gradually by the end of 2022 and during 2023.

The 20 photovoltaic rooftops will produce more than 25.6-gigawatt hours annually and cover the annual electricity consumption of 20,000 inhabitants, which is the consumption of a Hungarian city like Várpalota. It will avoid the emission of more than 4,730 tons of CO2 per year.


Helexia gets fleet certification in Portugal and wins “Green Fleet” of the year

Helexia Portugal obtained the best energy rating on its fleet during the assessment carried out by ADENE – The Portuguese Energy Agency. Different parameters of efficiency and improvement of energy consumption were analyzed and scored, according to the certification methodology of the Energy Agency.

The Portuguese Helexia fleet is composed by 77% of electric vehicles and the measures implemented got a reduction of 20% on specific energy consumption, allowing to cut 18% of CO2 emissions. Helexia also got recognition for this achievement, while winning the trophy “Green Fleet” of the year at Fleet Magazine Awards.


Energy requalification of the shopping center ‘’Caput Mundi’’ by Helexia Italy

This year, the doors of the Caput Mundi Mall, an innovative, contemporary, sustainable shopping center in the heart of the capital, Vatican City, will open.

Helexia, together with the Florence-based design studio STIMP, took care of all the design aspects of the supply and installation of the thermal and electrical systems, as well as the operation and maintenance for the entire duration of the contract.

While constructions ended last December, the mall, which is ready to welcome over 10,000 tourists a day, is expected to be open to the public next February ‘23!


Helexia France assists the Decathlon Passy site in achieving its energy trajectory

For several years now, Decathlon France has been pursuing its environmental commitment and its involvement in energy transition issues, notably with Helexia for the photovoltaic deployment.

For the Decathlon “Mountain Store” site in Passy, France, we are proud to accompany the shop in the realization of its energy trajectory.

The result was a global and complete approach that has been implemented through different key stages in the achievement of a common objective, that of sustainable and eco-responsible energy management. From energy audits to energy management, to photovoltaic plants Helexia was there throughout the journey.


Ethias and Helexia Belgium join forces to provide strategic advice to clients and local governments

The energy transition is an essential step to drastically reduce the ever-increasing costs of energy, as well as to reduce carbon emissions, which cause climate change. To ensure a sustainable future, we need to switch to environmentally responsible energy sources. New regulations will increasingly require a shift away from fossil fuels.

Through this partnership between Ethias (Belgium’s 3rd largest insurer) and Helexia Belgium, we help our clients to achieve carbon neutrality, based on accurate analyses of energy consumption and the creation of a progressive transition plan. We then also provide solution implementation, energy monitoring and maintenance. At Helexia Belgium, we also offer the possibility to act as an investor.

Do you want Helexia to help you achieve your energy transition and go green? Then don’t waste any time and contact us today!


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