Helexia France and its office in French Guiana have been chosen by the French National Centre for Space Studies (Centre National d’Études Spatiales – CNES) to carry out an energy efficiency action plan to reduce its environmental impact. 

Modernization & energy transition

CNES is looking to reduce its carbon footprint and to do so it has undergone a vast programme of modernisation and energy transition of the installations of the Guiana Space Centre, Europe’s spaceport. This plan includes the renovation and construction of more efficient buildings, as well as the installation of photovoltaic parks and biomass plants.

After conducting a number of energy audits in recent years, the CNES decided to co-define its energy roadmap with Helexia, a major player in the energy and carbon transition. The goal is to put up a useful action and finance plan by synthesizing the many audits that have been performed in the past.

Following a public procurement survey, the CNES teams headquartered in French Guiana have decided to work with Helexia and its Guiana office to complete this large-scale project.

Its expertise in energy and financial engineering will allow it to contest previous audits, create an action plan, set priorities for the activities, and assist the funding strategy for this modernization of the Guiana Space Centre’s tertiary buildings.

The managers of the Guiana Space Centre have taken the subject in hand and are really keen to carry out this project to further integrate their building portfolio into the energy transition. They already have the tools in hand, but need a skilled pilot such as Helexia to support them in the implementation of the project. We are thrilled with the confidence that CNES has shown in us

William Veloppé

Head of Operations Antilles - French Guiana of Helexia France

Benjamin Simonis

CEO of Helexia

We are delighted to accompany CNES in this important project. I am convinced that the Helexia and CNES teams will work together to build the optimal energy strategy to reduce the carbon footprint of the space centre

Download the press release below to learn more about the CNES, Helexia and how Helexia France will help and guide the CNES through their energy transition with the help of their team in French Guiana


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