Helexia, a subsidiary of Voltalia (Euronext Paris, ISIN code: FR0011995588) and an international player in the energy transition, announces the connection of four additional solar plants of 18.4 MW.

After announcing in March 2023 the connection to the grid of its first solar plant of 4.9ย megawatts in the municipality of Paranaiba (state of Mato Grosso do Sul) for the benefit of its client Telefonica/Vivo, Helexia is pleased to announce it connected three additional solar plants in the municipalities of Alto Parana, Cidade Gaucha and Loanda (state of Parana). All together, these first four solar pants represent a total installed capacity of 23.3 megawatts.

The remaining 63.7 megawatts, located in the states of Sao Paulo, Ceara, Rio Grande do Sul, Tocantins e Amazonas, are expected to be progressively installed later this year.

The state of Parana in Brazil, highly industrialized, has a strong potential for energy transition and efficient consumption of energy. Besides this first contract with Telefonica/Vivo in this state, we indeed are looking forward to converting new business opportunities in energy efficiency, reinforcing the synergistic business model of Helexia

Aurelien Maudonnet

Country Director of Helexia Brazil

Benjamin Simonis

CEO of Helexia

As we continue to expand our partnership with Telefonica/Vivo, we at Helexia are thrilled to explore new business opportunities and further our commitment to energy efficiency. We look forward to leveraging our strength to drive sustainable growth and innovation in the years to come

Learn more about Helexia, and how we can help you achieve your energy transition and go green in our press release below


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