While companies are facing these hard times with energy scarcity and cost inflation, reducing their energy bills has become a very important need. Helexia, subsidiary of Voltalia, specialises in decentralised electricity production and energy efficiency, providing you with the best green solutions.

In recent years, Helexia's clients' first priority has often been to reduce their carbon footprint, although reducing energy costs has not been overlooked. With the scarcity of energy that now characterizes the news in many countries, reducing consumption and on-site photovoltaic production have become sometimes vital issues. Helexia helps its clients achieve their financial and environmental objectives

Sébastien Clerc

CEO of Voltalia

Working daily to support you

Companies everywhere are looking for ways to lower their energy expenses in the wake of shortages and cost increases.

This can be faced through a balanced approach that includes minimizing energy consumption as well as producing green energy.

Helping you every step of the way

Helexia offers a wide variety of services, including strategic planning, project development, and management (control and maintenance) of the installations. Whether you have the funds to invest or not Helexia can either handle the tasks for the client, who then remains the owner of the installations, or can fund the project for the client, turning the contraint into an opportunity.

Benjamin Simonis

CEO of Helexia

Each country has its own particularities: France now has a strong political will to cover parking lots with solar shading; Spain is circumventing the constraints of connection to the electricity grid by increasing selfconsumption; and Portugal is multiplying the number of electric vehicle chargers associated with on-site photovoltaic production. But there is a common trend: that of energy sobriety

An ever growning sector

In order to meet the needs of our customers, Helexia is implementing a strong growth system. Learn more about Helexia, its clients and how we can help you achieve your energy transition and go green in Voltalia’s press release below!


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