Helexia France, like any other company in the world, is dealing with the climate change problem and the difficulties of the energy transition. On Friday, April 1, 2022, Helexia, an expert in decentralised power generation and energy efficiency and a subsidiary of Voltalia, bought Cap Sud in order to best solve these concerns.

Benjamin Simonis

CEO of Helexia

I would like to welcome each of the 110 employees who are joining our teams. Together, we will succeed in accelerating the growth of Cap Sud's activities, for which Helexia will provide operational support and new investment capacities. I am pleased to be able to count on the teams and managers of Cap Sud, to ensure the collective success of this strategic project for the group.

A new synergy for growth

Founded in 2006, Cap Sud specializes in the development, construction and operation of photovoltaic power plants on the roofs of agricultural buildings, whose energy is either used by farmers or sold to the grid. Cap Sud currently operates 344 agricultural photovoltaic roofs representing a total of approximately 35 megawatts.

This new partnership between Helexia France and Cap Sud will enable Helexia to diversify its range of activities in the photovoltaic sector by drawing on Cap Sud’s expertise in the agricultural sector. Helexia will thus be able to offer its clients a greater range of services and thereby respond fully to public policy priorities in favour of local and low-carbon electricity production.

Helexia & Cap Sud: Joining forces

To date, the Cap Sud group employs 110 people, belonging to several entities: Cap Sud France, Gavriane, My Sun, Securisol and Buck&Co, all in the Rhône-Alpes region. Today, they will join and become part of the Helexia and Voltalia team.

Like Helexia, Cap Sud assists its clients from the development to the operation of the photovoltaic rooftop plants it installs.

With Cap Sud, Helexia and Voltalia will respond even better to the priorities of public policies aimed at accelerating local and renewable electricity production, in the current context of international crisis and high prices in the electricity market. Together, Cap Sud, Helexia and Voltalia will be able to offer farmers a comprehensive package of partnerships that include solar roofs on agricultural buildings, agrivoltaic projects, ground-mounted solar projects and wind power projects

Sébastien Clerc

CEO of Voltalia

Oportunities for all

Following this announcement, Voltalia, Helexia’s parent company, issued a press release on the Helexia France – Cap Sud merger. This special publication provides an update on the merger between the two companies, their complementarity and the conditions of this acquisition.

To find out more about this new acquisition for the Helexia group and the benefits it brings Voltalia, read more in the press realsease below.


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