With the objective of becoming a University Hospital Centre (CHU), the Cayenne Hospital Centre commissioned Helexia, an international player in energy transition, to carry out energy audits of all its sites.

Reasonable and rational energy consumption

The Cayenne Hospital Centre is undergoing a transformation to become a university hospital in compliance with a set of specifications, with one part renovation and one part dedicated to the creation of new buildings.

Energy efficiency is one of the priorities of the future university hospital. In order to respond to this major challenge, the public body has signed a strategic partnership with Helexia to put in place the most suitable procedure.

Patrice Albarel

Director of Engineering and Assets at the Cayenne Hospital Centre

We called on Helexia because, in addition to its specialist expertise, we wanted to retain a local player capable of supporting us throughout the value chain of our energy transition project

The action plan

The collaboration will start with an energy audit that will determine the major axes of renovation of the health centres. Helexia will ensure that the standards meet the needs and demands of these establishments.

Helexia will propose 3 types of actions to accompany this energy transition in the long term: short-term actions, with almost immediate return on investment; medium-term actions, which require a little more investment but no radical changes and which have results over the next 3 or 4 years. And finally, long-term actions, for which the buildings will be thoroughly redesigned and which can be integrated into the Cayenne Hospital Centre’s modernisation project.

The management of cooling systems is essential in the energy transition, and this is a challenge that Helexia intends to take up

William Veloppé

Head of Operations Antilles - French Guiana of Helexia France

Benjamin Simonis

CEO of Helexia

Helexia has been supporting companies and local administrations in their energy transition projects for 11 years. I am convinced that Helexia's teams will recommend the best sources of energy savings to enable the hospital to accelerate its transformation

Download the press release below to learn more about the Cayenne Hospital Centre, Helexia and how Helexia France will help and guide the the hospitals through their energy transition with the help of their team in French Guiana


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